1. A content Kappa monster drawing for a copy of Monstroleum! #monsters #monsterart #kappa #monstroleum #studiojfish

  2. This is a kind of sea troll called a Draugr, which is like a zombie actually, and is often associated with the sea in Scandinavian folklore. In this case, I made it like a troll/merman of the Scandinavian waters, born from a drowned sailor. It has the body of a shark. Another drawing for a copy of Monstroleum! #monsters #monsterart #monstroleum #draugr #studiojfish

  3. Here’s my first-ever drawing of Krampus for @bethdean’s copy of Monstroleum Vol. 1! Get Monstroleum here: http://www.studiojfish.com/monstroleum #krampus #monsters #monsterart #monstroleum #studiojfish

  4. fantagraphics:


    "The Dungeon"

    Olivier Schrauwen

    Mome v14

    Still available

    (via www0becomingx)

  5. At long last @neo_rama’s Remake 3xtra came in the mail!!! It was in mail limbo for so long! Lamar drew the croc gal from Junqueland #1 and sent it with my book! #remake #lamarabrams #3xtra

  6. Robin and I having a blast at #LineworkNW! Photo by Caroline Smith #studiojfish #junqueland #comics

  7. Today at #LineworkNW I drew a burger with Jim Woodring’s giant dip pen!! #burgers #burgerart

  8. kingtrash:

    Tabling at Linework NW today, debuting two new zines - New Hits, collecting two recent stories, and Loose #6, a new sketchbook zine. 

    Another amazing reason to go to Linework NW today, get new Michael Deforge zines!!! 

  9. studiojfishart:

    This Saturday at the Norse Hall in Portland, OR, you will find me and a slew of incredible cartoonists at Linework NW!! Linework NW is a new small press comic and art show showcasing independent creators and the unique work they make. The event is FREE and features over 30 exhibitors, including Michael Deforge, Jim Woodring, Ed Luce, Madeleine Flores, Kinoko and more!

    Here’s what I’ll be bringing to the show for sale at table 20:

    Check out the Linework NW Tumblr to learn more about the show and see who else will be attending!

    Happenin’ today!! Come by the Norse Hall at 2pm and check out the new incredible Linework NW!

  10. gingerlandcomics:

    Study Group pulled some kind of magic and there’ll be a few advance copies of Haunter at LineworkNW tomorrow! I’ll be at table 36 surrounded by too many talented pals to name. If you’re in Portland definitely come check it out, buy some cheap comics, read ‘em in the park