1. timroot:

    Hell yeah, it’s a Tim Root art show!! New watercolors by Mr. Root & live music by MSG, opening Sunday December 2nd, 5pm til 7 at Division Street Stumptown, 4525 SE Division, Portland OR. Bring plenty of cash, there’s a pile of ass-whoopin’ books, prints, patches, t-shirts, fortune telling cards, records, tapes, and a DVD, you’re gonna want to buy at least one (1) buttload! Don’t miss it Portland!

    PORTLAND: Go to this art show! Tim Root is one of my inspirations and he definitely comes in as one of the top best people I’ve met in my life. I hate that I have to work during the main hours of the opening, but I’ll be there before and after work to get as much in as I can. I think the show is up through the month of December though, so if you can’t make the opening, get there within the month and enjoy his crazed, amazing work!

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    PORTLAND: Go to this art show! Tim Root is one of my inspirations and he definitely comes in as one of the top best...
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    Hard not to love Root!
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